Concrete Patios
in Mobile, AL

Concrete Patios Mobile, AL

Patios are popular additions to homes because of the aesthetic improvement that they can provide. When professionally designed, they can become focal points in any type of home. But patios are not only built for this purpose. They are perfect features to choose if you want to add more functional spaces in your home. They serve as an extension of your indoor living space, so having one in your backyard would be a perfect idea. And to ensure the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living space, choose a reliable builder like us at Spaulding Outdoor Living. We have been designing and building concrete patios for residents of Mobile, AL and surrounding regions for many years.

Our concrete patios are known for their unique and elegant designs. They are custom designed to suit the needs and personal lifestyle of our clients. So, if you want to make your outdoor space more functional and improve its aesthetic appeal, then please contact us. We will create your dream patio in no time.

Elegant Concrete Patios

A patio construction project is an investment that must be well-thought-out. The design, the kind of materials, the allocated budget and other patio features are just some of the factors that you must consider. You should also hire the right people to ensure the successful construction of your new outdoor living space. For residents of Mobile, AL and clients from nearby cities, there is only one contractor that you should trust - Spaulding Outdoor Living.

The elegant concrete patios that we have built for past clients are proofs of our expertise in this field. We do not use expensive materials just to achieve our clients’ desired designs or themes. Natural stones are great patio materials, but they are expensive. Our usual recommendation is to use decorative methods such as concrete stamping and staining. These methods are effective in making patios look elegant and stunning. There are even designs and patterns that mimic the look of expensive natural stone materials, such as marble, granite, and limestone. We can also come up with designs like pavers and bricks.

The Perfect Amenities for Your Concrete Patios

At Spaulding Outdoor Living, we can suggest amenities that will make concrete patios more functional and inviting. Some of the amenities that you can have in your newly built patio are outdoor kitchens and outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrellas or shade structures, fireplace and fire bowls, water features such as bubbling pots and mini waterfalls, and other similar amenities. If you want these included in your patio, just let us know and we will make these possible.

Contact us now at 251-635-8748 and talk with one of our patio specialists. The great thing about hiring us is that we always do our best to give clients like you with the best possible concrete patios. From the initial consultation, to the landscape design, to the final finishing touches, you are assured of excellent service and topnotch workmanship. If you want to see some of our previous creations, we can show you some of our completed projects in Mobile, AL and surrounding areas.